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  • passenger elevator

    Strict in design, making, pay attention to every detail, to create the most comfortable ride environment for passengers.

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    Panoramic elevator

    Create an excellent viewing perspective, exterior design, smooth lines, in the course of carriage add unlimited beauty of the building.

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    Medical elevator

    Elevator brake smooth, comfortable operation, shorten the maximum waiting time to get the best treatment time.

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    Stretcher elevator

    Specifically for residential building configuration design can accommodate stretcher elevator, leading the elevator new standard in the future.

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    Villa Elevator

    Use environmentally-friendly low-carbon materials villa elevator, take the family to ensure the safety, health and comfort.

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    Significant savings in building space, and a freight elevator with a structured, durable, stable operation and other multiple good quality.

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    XIWEI series car elevator lift car using mature technology, according to the particularity of automotive product development and production.

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    XIWEI escalator has durable, safe, reliable, quiet operation, low carbon environmental protection and other multiple advantages.

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    XIWEI moving walkways adoption of new, streamlined fashion and creative design, safety mute, carrying reliable, comfortable ride.

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