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    XIWEI freight elevator is widely applicable for the shopping center, wharf, bus station etc. with?concentrated passenger flow. It transports the freight in up / down motion. It is backed by the?advanced technology, the perfed car design 8 manufacture. XIWEI freight elevator has super?strong transport capacity. It is not influenced by external harsh environments. It always keeps the?smooth and reliable running conditions.
    XIWEI freight elevator applies the advanced frequency, voltage and speed modulation technology.?It applies pulse signal control mode to fulfill the highly accurate leveling effects. It is convenient for?entry / exit of forklift or small push cart. It is safer and quicker for the freight to enter into I exit from?the car.

    XIWEI freight elevators adopt advanced microcomputer control technology. Through technology?integration, the performance and quality of elevators are greatly improved and the incidence rate?of failure is greatly reduced- With the adoption of AC two-speed electric drive technology, the?elevator is simplerin structure and easier for maintenance.



    We use the platform of XIWEI elevator to communicate with the world, keep up with the international?market, and keep abreast with global elevator companies in terms of technology. XIWEI makes?real-time updates and R&D of new elevator products and components, so as to achieve sustained,?steady and rapid growth of XIWEI elevator.

    Micro-computer control system

    XIWEI freight elevator uses contactor-less control micro-computer control system to replace for the?traditional relay control. It greatly enhances the systematic reliability and the comfortable elevator?running. Internal trouble display and recorder is convenient to quickly remove any trouble. It largely?reduces the trouble time and increases the operational efficiency.

    VVVF frequency, voltage and speed modulation technology

    XIWEI freight elevator always persists in the manufacture idea of 0safe freight?transport, green running”. It applies frequency, voltage and speed modulation?(VVVF) technology. It can automatically adjust the elevator acceleration and?deceleration speed. Therefore the elevator always keeps the smooth running?condition. It ensures the safe transport of both the passengers and the freight in the?car. Besides, vector type frequency, voltage and speed modulation control has the?outstanding energy-saving effects. Compared with the ordinary AC double-speed?control, it can save over 30% of energy.

    Permanent magnet synchronous motor drive technology

    XIWEI freight elevator applies the advanced permanent magnet synchronous motor?as driving force. It is backed by the powerful functions and the outstanding?properties to greatly enhance the systematic operation efficiency. It has the?quickest freight transport speed, the stronger capacity. At present, loading capacity?of XIWEI freight elevator increases from 1600kg to 3000kg. It can satisfy the?requirements in different freight transport occasions.


    XIWEI freight elevators are complete with perfect safety protection device, in full compliance with?GB7588 “Safety Regulationson Elevator Manufacturing and Installation”, providing safe and reliable?operation of elevatorsto themaximum extent.

    Emergency leveling device

    Aiming at the possible power failure accidents etc., XIWEI freight?elevator has internal emergency leveling device. Even though?the power is disconnected, it can still automatically start the?power-accumulator. Therefore the car slowly travels to nearby?floor, opens the door, the passengers / freight can exit from the?elevator safely.

    Infrared light curtain door protection system

    The intensive far infrared light curtain door setting can sensitively detect any?person / freight in certain plane. It then promptly prolongs opening time to?enhance the entry / exit safety.

    VVVF variable frequency door machine system

    XIWEI freight elevator applies the advanced variable frequency, variable?voltage speed regulation (VVVF) technology to door machine system. It fulfills?the smooth and peaceful opening / dosing of door machine, enhances the door?machine sensitivity. It passes the detection of door load detector. It sensitively?opens the elevator door to ensure the safe entry / exit of both the passengers?and the freight.



    XIWEI machine-room-less freight elevators adopt world’s leading compact permanent magnet?synchronous gearless traction machine and slim-type control cabinet, can save building space and?construction costs, and improve the performance and quality of freight transport.

    The first-choice tool of the economical goods transport

    XIWEI machine room-less freight elevator applies permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine with small bulk, light weight,?outstanding properties. It needs no decelerator. It completely changes overall layout of the elevator well. It gets rid of machine room, greatly?saves the building space. It offers infinite possibilities for the elevator to perfectly combine with the building.
    Relying on the advantage of permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction technology, XIWEI machine room-less freight elevator has?multiple superior qualities such as rigorous structure, durable, stable running etc. It becomes the first-choice of safe transport tool in the factory,?warehouse, library etc.


    Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine has characteristics?like light weight, compact structure, small size etc., which can save space required?by freight elevator. It is convenient for the shaft arrangement of the machine room?less freight elevator.

    Save room area is 50%

    To provide more space available




    Car ceiling: Part steel (Light gray)
    Car wellI car door Paint steel (Light gray)
    COP: Hairline stainless steel
    Car floor: Chedced steel plate
    Door opening mode: Side opening